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2023/24 Registration Coming soon! 


We are the Star of the North Figure Skating Club.

A non profit organization that allows skaters to practice their skating skills. We welcome Skaters age 3 years old  and up the opportunity to learn how to skate.


We are dedicated to help our skaters work

to the level to which they wish to aspire.


Each member is a valued part of our club!

Parent & Me Class

This class is for the parents who want to go out on the ice with their child. This class is mainly for ages 2.5-4 years.  This class is a parent class. Meaning there isn't constant coaching. The last 15min a coach will join the group to give some instruction. The fee for this class covers the ice fee. Parents are required to wear skates during this class.

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Tiny Tots

The Tiny Tots group lesson consists of a 25 min lesson offered once per week for the period of 16 weeks. This program is for children 3 years (without parent presents on ice) to 5 years.  This class follows the Snowplow Sam levels. Each skater receives an embroidered badge for each level successfully completed.

  ​ Learn 2 Skate / Hockey Class​  * For girls & boys of all ages.  They work on 

forward & backwards skating, hockey stops, hockey edges and some stick 

handling.  The main purpose of this class is to make our area Hockey 

players stronger skaters. 

Basic Skills Group Lessons​ 
 A class for all ages that teaches beginningfundamental figure skating moves.  At this level there are Basic Skills Competitions throughout Minnesota where our skaters can show off their skills in a competitive setting.

Basic skills group lessons consist of a 45minute class offered once a week for a period of 16 weeks. The program encourages ice skating at all levels, designed to keep students excited about skating from the time they begin until they achieve their goals. Each skater receives an embroidered badge for each level successfully completed. There is a total of 6 basic skill levels. 
Private Skating

Skaters work one on one with a coach.  

Skaters at this level work on their Moves in the Field and Freeskate routines.  

After lessons, skaters have independent practice time which teaches

them how to prioritize their time, set goals, work toward perfecting their skills and routines. 


 Skaters at these levels can also compete regionally at  USFSA competitions.

Private skating fee covers the ice fee only. It is the parent/skater responsibility to obtain a coach from the list of private instructors.  All coaches are listed on the club website.


 All lesson Fees are paid directly to your coach that you have contracted lessons with.  

Once a skater has passed Basic 4 they may join privates.  


 Jumps and Spins Clinics

 Guest coaches from neighboring communities come to teach higher level jumps and spins. 

 ​ Junior Instructors​  Once skaters have passed their first four USFSA tests and are 13 years old they can become Junior Instructors. Junior instructors assist our Certified Coaches and

are in training to become Certified Coaches.  


Our Junior Instructors learn about working with all different ages and skill levels.  

They learn leadership skills and the importance of giving back. 

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