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Star of the North Figure Skating Club would like to wish

our skaters “GOOD LUCK!"

Results for their competitions will be posted here.

2022/2023    USFSA TESTING

East Grand Forks competition 2018/19

Alia competed pre-Juvenile placed 1st in freeskate, 1st in spins, 2 in compulsory & 3rd artistic
Ashley competed Beginner placed 4th compulsory & 2nd freeskate

Adele competed pre-preliminary placed 1st freeskate & 1st artistic



 2018 Granite City Classic
November 9-10, 2018
St. Cloud Municipal Athletic Complex 

Aunna N. Beginner level placed 6th in Compulsory & 7th in Freeskate

Adele L. Pre-preliminary Level placed 3rd in Jumps, 4th in Light entertainment, 1st in Freeskate

Ashley S. Beginner level placed 1st in compulsory & 4th in Freeskate

Maddi K Pre-Juvenile  level placed 3rd in compulsory, 3rd in spin, 3rd in light entertainment, 1st in freeskate

Kaitlyn L. Pre-juvenile level placed 6th in light entertainment, 4th in freeskate

Bailey M. Pre-juvenile level placed 5th in compulsory, 7th in spins, Teen light entertainment 1st, juvenile freeskate 6th

Alia K. Pre-juvenile level placed 4th in compulsory, 3rd in spins, light entertainment 7th, Freeskate,  Juvenile Moves in the field 2nd

Kenzie W.  Preliminary level placed 3rd in compulsory, 5th in spins, 7th in Freeskate, Juvenile moves in the field 5th, Juvenile steps 2nd

Jocelyn S Passed Pre-Preliminary moves
Britta H Passed Pre-Preliminary moves
Aunna N Passed Pre-Preliminary freeskate & Preliminary moves
Alexa S Passed Pre-Juvenile moves, & pre- Juvenile freeskate
Ally D Passed Juvenile moves
Alia K Passed Juvenile moves
Maddi K Passed Juvenile moves with Honors
Bailey M Passed Intermediate moves
Raina F Passed Intermediate moves


Placement Stats 2016/17

1st Place- 11 

2nd Place- 13 

3rd Place- 12 

4th Place- 4 

5th Place – 12

2016/2017 Results

Central Lakes Series

Alexandria, Fergus Falls, Wilmar,St Cloud Competition Series

Bailey M

Makenzie W

Alexa S


Saturday March 18th

Alexa S

Bailey M

Mackenzie W

Fergas Falls

Friday, March 10 thru Saturday, March 11, 2017!

Mackenzie W

Alexa S

Bailey M

Aunna N


January 26 – Jan 29, 2017

Great Job Star of the North Skaters!

What a fun Weekend on Ice!


Kaitlyn L Preliminary

Spins 2nd, Freeskate 2nd

Mackenzie W High Beginner

Freeskate 5th, Compulsory 4th, Entertainment 3rd

Alexa S High Beginner

Freeskate 1st, Compulsory 3rd, Entertainment 2nd

Ellie G Pre-preliminary

Competed in Freeskate & Entertainment

Bailey M Pre-preliminary

Freeskate 6th, Compulsory 2nd, Entertainment 6th

Nichole B High Beginner

Freeskate 2nd, Compulsory 3rd

MacKenzie K Pre-Juvenile

Competed in Freeskate, Compulsory & Entertainment

Ally D Preliminary

Jumps 6th, Compulsory 5th, Freeskate 5th, Entertainment 8th

Aunna N Basic 5

Freeskate 5th

Alia K Preliminary

Compulsory 3rd, Freeskate 6th

Maddi K Preliminary

Freeskate 2nd, entertainment 4th




January 14th

Kenzie W. (High Beginner)

3rd Compulsory, 2nd Freeskate

Alexa S. (High Beginner)

2nd Compulsory, 1st Freeskate

Bailey M. (Pre-Preliminary)

2nd Compulsory, 1st Freeskate, 1st Interpretive


St Cloud

"2016 25th Annual Granite City Classic"

Friday and Saturday November 11 and 12th

Alexa S 1st in compulsory 5th in freeskate
Kenz W 5th in compulsory 3rd in freeskate
Ally D 3rd compulsory 1st freeskate
Kaitlyn L 7th light entertainment 1st freeskate
Bailey M 5th in compulsory 1st spin 1st jumps 5th freeskate



2015/16 Season

Our skaters brought home the
following placement totals:
1st- 33, 2nd- 21, 3rd- 11, 4th- 17, 5th- 4


Star of the North Skating Club

invited you to our
1st Competition Exhibition
Thursday, March 24th, 2016
This was FREE and Open to the public

Thank you all for your support!


2015/2016 Season


Cental MN Series

Competition Placements:

Alexa S 1st in freeskate & 1st in compulsory

Kenzie W 3rd in freeskate & 3rd in compulsory

Bailey M 1st in freeskate & 1st in compulsory

Kaitlyn L 1st in freeskate & 2nd in compulsory

Ally D 3rd in freeskate & 2nd in compulsory


 Fergus Falls Competitions Mar 12, 2016

Alexa S placed 1st in Freeskate, 1st in Compulsory

Kaitlyn L placed 3rd in freeskate, 5th in compulsory

Kaitlyn L Passed her Preliminary Freeskate test

Bailey M placed 1st in Freeskate, 1st in compulsory

Kenzie W placed 4th in freeskate, 5th in compulsory



Eau Claire Competition

Julie A

2nd in Freeskate, 2nd in Interpretive,

3rd in Artistic, 4th in Compulsory & 4th in Spins


Brooklyn Competition February 27th

Julie A

1st in freeskate and spins,2nd in compulsory3rd in artistic


Feb 20, 2016Alexandria, MN


Bailey M- (Freeskate 3) 1st compulsory, 1st freeskate, 4th interpertive

Alexa S- (Freeskate 2) 1 st compulsory, 2nd freeskate

Kenzie W- (Freeskate 2) 2nd complsory, 4th freeskate

Ally D- (high beginner)1st compulsory, 2nd freeskate

Kaitlyn L- (Pre-preliminary)4th compulsory, 2nd freeskate

I'm so proud of our girls. They are such a great group.

I love how they support each other.

-Coach Shannon


Fargo Competition

Julie A (Juvenile level) 1st Freeskate, 3rd Artisti   Way to go Julie!!


Duluth Northland Competition: Feb 5- Feb 7 2015

Ally Dickson:  passed her preliminary moves in the field.  Spins-4th, Freeskate-3rd, Jumps-4th, Compulsory-1st

Julie A. –Freeskate- 4th, Artistic 5th

Alexa S. –Compulsory- 2nd, Freeskate- 1st

Mackenzie W. –Compulsory- 4th, Freeskate-4 th
Nichole B. –Compulsory- 1st, Freeskate 2nd

Bailey M-Compulsory- 2nd, Freeskate- 4th

MacKenzie K.-

Ellie G-

St Cloud...January 30th 2016

Ally D.(High Beginner)-  2nd place Freeskate, 1st Compulsory

          Bailey M.(FreeSkate3)-1st Place FreeSkate, 1st Compulsory

Alexa S.(FreeSkate2)-1st Place Freeskate,1st Compulsory

               Mackenzie W.(FreeSkate2)-2nd Place FreeSkate, 2nd Compulsory 

Kaitlyn L(Pre-Preliminary)-1st Place FreeSkate, 2nd Compulsory


Jan 9, 2016 Willmar, MN

Ally D.(High Beginner)- 3rd place Freeskate ,1st Compulsory

Bailey M.(FreeSkate2)- 1st Place FreeSkate,1st Compulsory

                    Alexa S.(FreeSkate1)-1st Place Freeskate,  1st Compulsory

 Mackenzie W.(FreeSkate1)- 4th Place FreeSkate,  3rd Compulsory

Kaitlyn L(Pre-Preliminary)- 1st Place FreeSkate,  2nd Compulsory

Great Job Skaters!!

Bemidji Competition Nov 22, 2015

Ellie G- 2nd in elements, 1st in Freeskate, 4th in spins  5th in jumps.
Ally D- 2nd in Elements, 3rd in Freeskate, 2nd in spins,  2nd in Jumps
Alexa S- 1st in elements, 3rd in freeskate, 1st in jumps   2nd in spins.
Bailey M- 1st in elements, 1st in freeskate  4th in jumps, 4th in spins
Mackenzie W- 1st in elements, 2nd in freeskate 4th in spins, 1st in jumps

           Great job skaters we are so proud of all of you!


2015-2016 TESTS PASSED

Julie A. Juvenile Freeskate, Intermediate moves in the field

Raina F. Pre-Juvenile Moves in the field

Bailey M. Pre-Preliminary Moves in the field,Pre-preliminary Freeskate, Preliminary moves in the Field

Mackenzie W. Pre-Preliminary Moves in the field

Ally D. Pre-Preliminary Moves in the field

Nichole Belanger-Pre-preliminary Moves in the Field

MacKenzie Kooda Pre-juvenile Moves in the field


2014-2015 TESTS PASSED
Lexi Z. Preliminary Freeskate
MacKenzie K Preliminary Freeskate
Madison B. Intermediate Freeskate
Julie A Juvenile Moves in the Field
Raina F. Preliminary Freeskate
Ellie G. Pre-Preliminary Freeskate

Congratulations Alexa!

Alexa was the winner of the Zuca bag.  Skater who participated in all four competitions during

Central Minnesota Basic Skills Competition Series


were entered in a drawing.


2016/2017  USFSA Testing

MacKenzie K Pre-Juvenile Freeskate

Ally D- Pre-Pre Freeskate, Preliminary Freeskate

Alexa S- Pre-preliminary MIF, Preliminary MIF, Pre-Pre FS

Mackenzie W- Preliminary MIF, Pre-Pre FS

Bailey M- Prejuv MIF and Pre FS

Julie  -Novice MIF

Alia - Pre FS

Maddi  -Pre FS

Nicole B -Pre-Pre FreeSkate

Kaitlyn L -Pre-juv Moves

Elly G- Pre-Pre MIF

Lexi Z Pre-juv moves

Raina F- Pre-juv FreeSkate

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