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          A big Thank You

goes out to all of our Current Sponsors...

We are currently looking for sponsors for

2023/24    fee's

We are grateful for your support.

Please show your gratitude to these businesses by thanking them in person,

and by utilizing their business in any way you can.

2023/24 Season Sponsors



Wourms’ Taping & Drywall 



Bloomers Greenhouse


Lake Country Power


Paul Bunyan

We are always looking for more potential businesses

or individuals to be a sponsor of our club.

 If you or a family member owns a business,

could you please ask them if they would like to be a sponsor?

Or, maybe there is a business that you frequent regularly.

Perhaps they would like to be a sponsor?

Donations are tax deductible and how businesses are compensated is outlined in the sponsorship packet.

We would like every skating family to try

to ask at least one business if they would like to sponsor

Star of the North Figure Skating Club

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