In order for the show to go on we are in need of volunteers.  Volunteers are needed for picture day, dress rehearsal and show days.  There are a few pre-show duties where help is also needed. Help is needed in the following areas: ticket booth, merchandise booth, set up, tear down, picture day and advertising.

 Please contact SNSC Board, Email: starofthenorthskatingclub@gmail.com to sign up.  A sign up list will also be on the SNSC bulletin board and at picture day.


**Raffle Tickets**

Thank your for your Support!!

SNFSC Raffle is held during 2019/2020 Holiday show.

Cash Prize Winners






$25 x 3

All Registered skaters have 20

$5.00 tickets to sell. 

Buy your ticket soon!

Dress Rehearsal  &Show Days Volunteers
Announcer- Announce skaters by full name and read the script of the show.
Music Player- Start and stop the CD for each group, allowing time for the announcer
to announce and skaters to get into position.

Bleacher Monitor- Sit in the bleachers with the skaters. Keep them there until a parent
picks them up. Take groups to the bathroom if needed. Make sure no one is eating any
food or drinking anything other then water. We don’t want anyone to spill on their friends

Ice monitor- Takes groups from bleachers to line up by the ice, helps get guards on
and off. Keep non skaters from walking through the back curtain area.

Ticket Sales- Sells tickets for admission. Stamps hands. Sells programs.
Flower Table- Sells & assembles flower arrangements. Sell any other merchandise
as well.

Decoration- Help decorate- Paper on the boards, lights, back drop assembling, ect.The more people the faster it goes.
Tear down- Dissemble the back drop, take down the reusable decorations & Bring to the closet. Again the more people the faster it goes. We have to be off the ice by a certain time.